About Recollect

Recollect delivers solutions for community
  engagement, digital asset management
    and collection management.


About Recollect

Recollect is a new approach to community engagement that incorporates digital asset / collection / media management. It pushes the limitations of ‘out of the box’ platforms to deliver targeted knowledge & content, complete control over security and greater connection with user communities.

It is backed by a dedicated development and support team to ensure solutions that fit with individual businesses’ goals and audience needs.

How does it fit my organisation?

Recollect is a flexible platform that can expand as you think of new ways to use it.

Here are just some of the needs it can meet:

  • Centralise & manage your digital assets
  • Capture staff knowledge & expertise
  • Engage with your members & communities
  • Extend your relevance and reach
  • Drive social media campaigns
  • Keep staff in touch & informed
  • Document your history & achievements
  • Preserve unique heritage items
  • Publish your journals & reports online
  • Collect & share amazing stories
  • Sell & distribute digital copies & prints
  • Train staff in procedures & best practice
  • Augment your intranet
  • Feed or replace your facebook page.
  • Support open government information
  • Deliver exhibitions & teaching material
"Recollect for us is an absolutely critical platform for future community engagement"
"In a technological environment that's characterised by high user expectations the product really needs to be flexible and adaptive to change and that's what I like about the Recollect platform"

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